To Journal or Not To Journal


Hi there! I am A. Renee of Journal Jot and Jive! A lover of journals, notebooks, pens, and oh yeah, I am a journal strategist who loves unapologetically teaching individuals how to journal the great, the good, and the not so good!  I was introduced to the art of journaling at a very young age, 7 to be exact. I was provided with cute notebooks, pens, and craft items and simply told, " write how you feel!" It would take me years to understand that I was being subconsciously instructed on how to expel my thoughts on paper! 

As years have gone by, I have been asked over and over, " Should I journal?" My answer is always the same, "ABSOLUTELY, WHY NOT!?!?!" So often we allow our thoughts to permeate in our minds over and over. So much so it begins to sound like a broken record and it slowly spills over in our day to day lives! Instead of overwhelming our thoughts, a journal allows a safe space for our words to live. I often like to say the words find a new home! 

Journaling is not a one size fits all approach. Everyone's journaling journey will be different. Journal Jot and Jive is here to help the individual learn how to expand their journaling moments. This can be achieved by following Journal Jot and Jive on YouTube, grabbing a journal prompt from our website, and signing up for our newsletter. I look forward to helping you expand your journal journey! 

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