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Journal moments can come easy to some and seem more challenging for others. There is no one size fits all approach to journal moments. I have found over the years some strategies and ideas that have helped hundreds of women reflect and write in their journal more. One approach is to create a “weekly recap” in your journal. Partaking in a weekly recap affords you the time to reflect and journal intentionally without feeling overwhelmed with the idea of daily journal moments.


Let’s chat about the weekly recap method. Think of a traffic signal and driving. There is a red, yellow, and green light. Each color represents what you should do while adhering to traffic laws. Red signals for you to stop and cease movement. Think about the red as a representation of acknowledging what you can do without in this present moment or something you can completely let go. The yellow indicates for the driver to slow down and prepare to stop. This could be looked at as a precautionary moment or a time to adjust in areas of your life. Lastly, green tells the driver it is your time to proceed ahead or go.


When participating in writing a weekly recap in your journal, the goal is to create an overview of your week. Accompanying your thoughts with the “red, yellow, and green” theory allows you to acknowledge how things are going and allows for a measuring tool as you reflect from week to week.


Below you will see a brief description of how the weekly recap can be applied in your journal practice.


RED: What did not work for me this week? What do I need to refrain from, dismiss, or let go of?


YELLOW: What adjustments can I make that will help me in the weeks ahead?


GREEN: What worked this week? How did it benefit me most?


While the questions above can seem simple, these questions will give you a great snapshot when answered truthfully and honestly. The goal is to look at the various areas of your life and answer these questions. Most areas that people tend to focus on are family/ friends, finances, faith/spirituality, and health and wellness.


This week and the coming weeks ahead, I challenge you to give the weekly recap method a try in your journal. Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes and review your week. A bonus tip, refer to your planner, digital calendars, text messages and social media feeds. Referring to those items will help jog your memory and help with your writing process.


“Remember your journal should read like a book and not a broken record!”

~A. Renee



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